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Above is a link to my third game from my class Design for Interactive Media 2.  The idea behind this game is pretty simple, what if you were playing Jet-pack Joyride except you were flying at 2000+ kph.  It didn’t start out like that originally but it eventually evolved to what it is today.  The aim of the game is not to fly as far as you can like in Jet-pack Joyride, but to go as fast as you can.  In the game there are these things called BOOM GATES that accelerate the player to absurd speeds. There is a red arrow pointing to the next one to allow the player to have somewhere to aim. Of course there are obstacles for the player to avoid but due the speed that the game is going having any obstacle that gives instant death would be entirely unfair. As of such the obstacles simply send the player off course.

There are a couple of assets that I have used in this game that I did not produce. They are as follows: Title Music: Anamanaguchi’s Endless Fantasy, Colliding Sound Effect: , Boom Gate Sound Effect : , Background Sound: , Wind Sound Effect:

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Title Screen Image for BOOM

Title Screen Image for BOOM


This was my final assignment for Narrative Communications this semester. We were told to create a twine story using the narrative principals we had learnt throughout the semester. And this was my approach to the task.

I find often in games media currently there is an obsession on making things as dark and moody as possible. One could argue that this trend is the game industry trying to convince everyone how mature games are now. I do think this is the case, but I also think there is some work being done that is dark to make an artistic statement. Whichever case a piece of media may be it’s not exactly my style. I generally prefer to do something lighthearted and silly. One day if I practice enough I might be able to create something lighthearted and silly while still getting a message across. But in the mean time I guess I should just try to write silly stories of people severely overdosing on coffee.


FinishedPerspectiveFinished 3D Character 2013

This is my finished character for my second semester 2013 class 3D Character and FX. Our task was to create a character that could be put into DOTA 2. This lady here was designed to be a Radiant support character that who had been cursed by the Dire.  It has two textures both 512*512 images saved as targa.  And the model and clothes consist of  3732 tris with the limit being 4000.

Yes after much procrastinating I have set up my own blog to share any good work I do at uni, or in my own time. Occasionally I might decide to write an opinion piece or do a review. Feel free to christian this blog the only way the internet knows how: fill the comments section with spam and hurtful comments.