Day started off well then hit lots of road blocks. Wanted to focus on drawing today. Started with continuing my study of Rebecca Sugar’s art. Focusing on Pearl I did 8 quick 10-15 minute sketches.RebeccaSugarStudy2Pearl

Coming off yesterdays attempt. I was focusing on getting the line work down. And I kind of achieved it in a couple of these sketches. I think I got there in numbers 2,3,6 and 7. But I think that is mainly because they are arguably the easiest poses I put Pearl in. After the Pearl study I wanted to move to Garnet but I found myself finding it really difficult to draw Garnet in my 10-15 minute time frame. So I moved onto something else.

I then attempted to finish my tutorial script and immediately hit another road block there. I did eventually get what I needed to get done, done but it took longer than it should. I really want to try use the near completed tutorial script to remake my tutorials tomorrow.