Did two things today. First was finishing off what I was doing on Friday last week which was a nice animated bit of GUI for my game. I’m pretty sure you can guess what its for.NextLevel

I wanted it to be pretty garish and bright to show off to the player that they beat the level. Most of the GUI in the game are actually no where near this high in color value. They are still bright but no where near these levels. But this button does share some similarities with the other elements of the GUI. Mainly in shape. Each GUI element has a five pixel wide border and the text in the game all follows a 5×7 pixel all caps sans font format. Which you can see here.

I also continued working on doing art studies of Rebecca Sugar’s work. Today I did Garnet. I’m not going to lie I find Garnet really hard to draw. She has been consistently difficult for me to draw. So much so that my last sketch I drew straight from reference. I didn’t trace over so its all still my own line work but it is not my own composition.GarnetStudy

Anyway so that’s my work for the day. See y’all tomorrow.