So I started today off with doing some drawing. For a change of pace I decided not to do a study or quick sketches, I decided to make a more polished piece of work for a change of pace. I worked on it for about 3 hours and saved the state it was in at the end of each hour.


So last night I was talking to my girlfriend about something and she misheard something and thought I said “Mer-kraken” and so I decided to draw her an actual Mer-Kraken today. This is my outline at the end of the first hour of drawing. I decided to have the moon behind her head to create a menacing lighting effect. Another small detail is that I made her eyes look like octopus eyes for that extra monster feel.


End of hour two I had blocked out the base shade of everything. Moon being the brightest, then the water then the rock then the Merkraken herself and finally the night sky being the darkest. I made the Merkraken pretty dark so I could get some nice contrast going as well as allowing me to draw the sliminess of the tentacles a bit easier.


End of the third hour I had put in the shading for the background. I had also upped the contrast on her body a bit more. I might add some reflections on her tentacles tomorrow, but apart from that I am done working on her. I think she turned out appropriately horrifying.

The remainder of the day was spent fighting with Unity and getting a new custom font for my game to work. It was a battle that I did not win. But that is what tomorrow is for.