Today I worked on fixing a bunch of bugs in Kana Quest, and continued my last study of Rebecca Sugar’s work. It’s actually been a while since I posted on here. The reason why is the last study is taking waay longer than I wanted it to. The characters are mostly done but the background is proving to be a huge hurdle for me and I’m just having a lot of trouble doing it.

When I started this thing I though it would take one or two days of concentrated work. Turns out its taken more. Anyway, one thing that I did manage to achieve today is getting Kana Quest to fade in and out when going to a new level as well as squash a few bugs. I am also pleased that Kana quest is slowly making its way to looking like a reasonably polished thing even if the gameplay feels like a hundred miles away. Baby steps.

Anyway I will talk to you all tomorrow or Friday.