I’m pretty happy to post this one today. We have the first playtest of Kana Quest on this blog and the fourth playtest of Kana Quest in total. A lot of stuff has changed since the last playtest. Here is a quick handy list for all the stuff I changed.


  1. Visual:
    1. All the kana now have a sprite that works within the game’s art style.
    2. Most of the UI is now done and matches the art style. New UI elements include a new undo button, the next level button, and the pause menu.
    3. New particle affect to show that kana are matching that looks like twinkling stars. A significant visual upgrade on the bright green bar.
    4. Levels fade in and out so transitions from level to level are better.
  2. Mechanics:
    1. Mystery tile mechanic is a big one. I’m really happy with this mechanic as it got players of paper prototypes to do what I wanted them to do as soon as they saw it. Specific lesson I learnt from this mechanic was “Guide your player to the fun parts of your game”. What the mystery tiles do is they appear as a question mark and using the given information the player has to figure out its pronunciation. This using information was already in the game, but I just needed to make is super obvious.
    2. Paint Tile. So the paint tiles are only used for the pure vowel kana and what they do is they “paint” other kana by changing the vowel sounds. So if I used an “i” paint tile on a “ka” tile the “ka” would become a “ki”. The hardest part of this mechanic was getting the painted tile effect to stay on the affected tile even when they player hammered the undo button in weird ways.
    3. Pause Menu. This isn’t really a mechanic but it is important. This just brings up a menu when the player hits escape. From this menu you can go to level select and replay any previous levels, and quit the game.
    4. Level Select. As mentioned before this is a specific scene that allows you to replay any level you have seen before. That said there is a chance that my game saving script might be messing up in the background without me knowing. So if anyone can access levels they shouldn’t be able to via the level select please let me know.
    5. Game Saving. Oh yeah there is also some rudimentary game saving now. So if you quit the game you will be able to use the level select screen to go back to the last level you were on.
  3. Tutorial:
    1. A script for making tutorials much easier. I went over this script a couple of weeks a go but yeah, I am using here. And you can expect me to use it to further change the tutorial in the future. At the moment this tutorial script is doing its job but, it is limited in what it can do and its a guzzler on the memory. Yea the inefficient code part is a killer as its currently preventing me from making tutorials beyond about 12 events as that will cause the scene to lag hard. Just something I will have to fix in the future.

Just before I give you the links to download I have one small request. That is that you run the game in 1280 x 720 resolution as I have not yet got the UI to adjust to different screen resolutions. If you don’t have a computer that can run that resolution you can run other resolutions but be aware that certain things will be cut off.

Here are the links:

Windows – https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B6PHPlztnNd8MUZBOGt4TDRobFU

Mac – https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B6PHPlztnNd8bEp6VlFlRUZtRWc