Just one drawing today.ShielaPortrait

Some of you with good memories might remember I drawing I did a few weeks ago with the same character. I was feeling kinda lazy today and wanted to do something that wasn’t too difficult so I decided to do a simple portrait of an old character. The one thing that I love with this piece is her eye. The shading on her eye is by far the strongest part of this piece. The background is a bit lazy but as we know my environments are in need of more work. But in my defense I do feel the one lone gum tree has pretty good shading. But yea I like this drawing but its exactly the sort of piece I shouldn’t make too often as the composition is pretty lazy and I do subscribe to the belief that one should be very skeptical of artists who don’t draw anything beyond a character’s face. But every now and again one should indulge themselves to lazy composition. (Even though I did a similar piece on Monday).

Anyway I am flying off to Sydney for a week tonight. So I wont be doing any digital art for a while. Regardless, you wont see a piece like this come from me for a while. I will try to post a bit while I’m away but those posts will likely be game design stuff.