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So a lot of changes today. The characters that got added today is Mrs. Snubstitch, Lance Clint, Barbara Doolie, Raphael Krinklestouf, and Granton Bumper. I also once I got tired of adding new characters decided to start the clean up process. So you can see hard black lines around quite a few characters. Eventually I will use that as the outline for everything. I also added in Jimmy Jams and the Prank Patrol in the background in the currently obnoxiously white Prank Tank. I plan to have ALL the characters drawn in by the end of the week so I can start working on polishing all of this. Hopefully my computer doesn’t start crashing from the file size.


So there is this podcast that I watch called QWERPLine which is about a radio station called QWERPLine. And the makers of it are coming down to Australia for the first time for PAX. So I decided to make a full cast photo of all the QWERPLine characters so far (31 in total). This is my WIPQWERPLINEProgress.jpg

I posted another two characters in another file the other day. Which brings me to 11/31 characters drawn. Its starting to come together and I’m enjoying putting in a bunch of small references through the image. For example Ball Hinkley’s bottle of “Ray Romano” perfume, and the light rail trail that has crashed into the radio studio.

Did some drawing of realistic noses and mouths for the sake of practice as well as started a longish term project of creating a full cast picture of all the characters from the excellent QWERPLine by LoadingReadyRun. Today I drew Richtor Hammockslam and his occasional co-pilot Joy. I also started work on Kana Quest again. Today I just worked on making the game work with all resolutions. I have to say taking a break from Kana Quest was a good thing to do because now I can see all these things I can do to make it better.


So yes. It has been a LONG time since I’ve posted anything. But I do have a good reason. Mainly is that I went away to Sydney for a while and then I started a new game project that took longer than was intended.

But said game project is now done. So I am very happy to present to everyone my game “The Elephant”.

(PC and Mac Versions are within the folder)

So what is this game? Well the inspiration of this game was comedy sketches. I wanted to see if I could make a short comedy game of about 1-5 minute length in a week. Now obviously it took me about 3 weeks to complete. But the challenge was a simple comedy game made in a week. I might do something like this again in the future so hopefully when I do so I will be able to get much closer to the one week goal.


Second thing that I’ve done recently is a poster for RMIT Music and their next concert. I didn’t post it when I finished it as I was waiting for them to post it onto their official page first.



Third is another commission I did recently for a friends pathfinder character. I am pretty happy how this drawing came out. I am happiest with the lighting with all the stars flying of his magic. In terms of things I think I could have done better I feel as though it probably doesn’t have as much contrast from the inky black areas to where the stars a illuminating things.GeordieCharfinal.jpg