Heya, I’m Theodor Kipen. I am the an independent game developer making a game called Kana Quest (http://www.kanaquestgame.com/) which is a cross between Dominoes and Candy Crush… except that it teaches you to read the Japanese Alphabet!!


A quick demo of Kana Quest’s gameplay, the level becomes closer to completion as more Kana are added to a matching group. The final solution is Na (な) – Nu (ぬ) – Ku (く) – Ko (こ) – No (の). Letters match if they share a common sound, so the Na (な) and Nu (ぬ) both match because they have a “N” sound. 

On this Blog you will mostly see mostly weekly updates of Kana Quest and what I’ve been working on for any given week. If you are interested in learning about my game development process (which is not perfect (Kana Quest is my first professional project)) , or you are interested in Kana Quest, then this is the place to be!

I also post some opinion pieces and my art every now and again, when I have something to share. Usually though, in these instances I just gush about Pokemon and Steven Universe.


And when I’m not gushing about Steven Universe I’m making Steven Universe fan art.

Anyway, I’m always open to questions/criticism about almost anything. So if you want to get in touch, please do!