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Today I just worked on my digital art. I was focusing on a couple of things today. To make better use of the different brushes at my disposal in photoshop, keyboard shortcuts and shading.

First drawing today is a field of Paterson’s CursePaterson'sCurse

Once again continuing on from Friday last week where I was working on environments. I felt this piece came out reasonably well. My main issue is with the character in the center as she feels a bit out of style in comparison to all the flowers. Other than that I am reasonably happy with this work as I feel the perspective is pretty solid, and the color work is better than what I was doing last week. So I’m pleased with this one for now. Not a hundred percent what I envisioned it to be but its passable for now.

Second drawing of the day was a bit of a cheat as I didn’t actually draw an environment. But in my defense it turned out well, and it didn’t take too long for me to paint.ScarfLAdy

I’m mainly happy with the shading and coloring in this piece as it looks a lot more polished that work I would have been producing three months ago. So for that alone I am happy with it. A couple of rough edges here and there are still present but I’m still happy with it. Anyway I will see you all tomorrow.

Today was mostly a day focusing on Kana Quest.  But the first thing I did was make a few more changes to the  drawing from yesterday.SUStudyYellowDiamondFightfinal

There is a lot more I could do with this piece, and to be honest I’m not actually happy with how it came out but I need to finish it and move onto something new. The main changes for today was increasing the boldness of the lines in the gems, and changing some of the colors in the background. The things I don’t like about this piece is it just feels kinda flat and lifeless to me. I know I’m working in a cartoon style but this drawing feels so much less dynamic than what I was going for. I think my lack of skill in shading and color theory really hurt this piece. But alas. It’s time to move on from the art of Rebecca Sugar onto a new artist. I think I might focus on landscapes and buildings after this so I look forward to having my buildings looking like boxes and getting annoyed at them.

Next up is I finally finished implementing a mechanic for kana quest from a while back.

It works like this, you have a “paint” tile that when you use it changes the vowel of any kana you use it with. So above an “a” paint tile used with an “nn” tile changes the sound to a “Na”. Most of the mechanic was already done for me today but the thing I did do was create that splotchy overlay to show that the sound has been altered. The hardest part was actually getting that overlay to go back in the correct place when the undo button was used. But I got it working despite the many bugs.

Finally today I started work on a level select scene in the game. Thus allowing players to pick and choose any level they have beaten.  This is good as it allows folk to replay levels if they have forgotten how to play. You can see the begging of the sprites I will use below.KanaQuestGUIPreview.png

So the numbered tiles will be used for the levels. I will use green borders for levels that the player can access and red ones for levels that they can’t.

And that’s everything I did today.

So today I started doing some programming trying to finish my tutorial script from yesterday. That’s still a few features missing before its done. But the second half of the day, I focused on drawing.

So on the drawing front I did two things. The first was finishing a drawing I’ve been doing for a while.shielarummeging

So a couple of things went well for this drawing and a couple of things didn’t. The positives I feel are the overall composition is good. The background desert also turned out really well. The areas that I’m not happy with is the shading on the robot lady. The shading of her skin, hair and shirt are a bit off. I think there isn’t enough contrast.

The other thing I worked on today was the beginning of a long term goal. And that was to develop my personal art style more. To do this I want to do a bunch of artist studies. So today I decided to a study of Rebecca Sugar’s art. For those who don’t know her work she is the creator of Steven Universe. So for my first study I drew this fellow. I spent about an hour and twenty minutes on this guy (including reference gathering).RebeccaSugarStudy1.jpg

So the thing I want to be able to like Rebecca Sugar is her near effortless ability to abstract and simplify the human form all while creating an amazing sense of movement. In my above study I managed to achieve a few of Sugar’s idiosyncrasies into my own work. Most noticeably in the face. The areas that aren’t quite right is basically the line work. In Sugar’s work she uses very few lines. And the ones she does are usually quite soft and loose. My lines are very hard and fast and I use a lot of them. So while I have the shape of Sugar’s style I do not have the lines.

And that’s what I did today.

Scenic View

Just a simple drawing I did in my spare time. Progressively got more cartoon-ish the more time I spent on it. I usually have difficulty drawing landscapes so I’m reasonably happy how it come out.