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Finished Bogan Bots Page 9. I changed how I was doing the text as a few people have said that it’s really hard to read. Hopefully this will help.


Bogan Bots Page 7 is finally done. A long delay between this page and the last due to holidays turning out to be a difficult time to do work. Who’d have thunk? Hope you enjoy updates will be on Fridays from here on in.boganbots7

Page 6 of Bogan Bots is done. I decided that I wasn’t executing on the color well enough so for now Bogan Bots will be drawn in black and white. But now this gives me more time to polish my line work a bunch more.


So this piece needs a little bit of explanation. My girlfriend wanted to get my dad a uniqlo tshirt for Christmas which is of Mike and Sully made of ivy. My dad’s favorite movie of all time is Monsters Inc and he loves gardening. One problem that shirt is only available for women. So we decided to do a joint present where I would draw a similar piece except with native Australian plants and my girlfriend would pay to get it printed on a shirt. The trees in the piece are a Jacaranda, Morton Bay Fig and a miniature Ghost Gum.



Page 5 of Bogan Bots. Hope you all like it.


The coloring for the cover page that I uploaded yesterday was bothering me so I went back and re-did it. I Also re-proportioned Sheila’s head so she isn’t as alien like. Anyway updates of Bogan Bots will be on Fridays.


So today I started doing some programming trying to finish my tutorial script from yesterday. That’s still a few features missing before its done. But the second half of the day, I focused on drawing.

So on the drawing front I did two things. The first was finishing a drawing I’ve been doing for a while.shielarummeging

So a couple of things went well for this drawing and a couple of things didn’t. The positives I feel are the overall composition is good. The background desert also turned out really well. The areas that I’m not happy with is the shading on the robot lady. The shading of her skin, hair and shirt are a bit off. I think there isn’t enough contrast.

The other thing I worked on today was the beginning of a long term goal. And that was to develop my personal art style more. To do this I want to do a bunch of artist studies. So today I decided to a study of Rebecca Sugar’s art. For those who don’t know her work she is the creator of Steven Universe. So for my first study I drew this fellow. I spent about an hour and twenty minutes on this guy (including reference gathering).RebeccaSugarStudy1.jpg

So the thing I want to be able to like Rebecca Sugar is her near effortless ability to abstract and simplify the human form all while creating an amazing sense of movement. In my above study I managed to achieve a few of Sugar’s idiosyncrasies into my own work. Most noticeably in the face. The areas that aren’t quite right is basically the line work. In Sugar’s work she uses very few lines. And the ones she does are usually quite soft and loose. My lines are very hard and fast and I use a lot of them. So while I have the shape of Sugar’s style I do not have the lines.

And that’s what I did today.