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So, I had a job interview recently and I decided to make a game about job interviews.

Fortunately mine went much better than in the game but still, I saw an opportunity to be silly and I took it.

So without any further ado, I give you Job Interviews Suck.

So a little bit ago I decided while I didn’t have a proper game design job I should keep making personal projects in the meantime. Rather than my game design skills languish and go to waste.So I decided was that I should make short simple (mostly comedic) games that I could pump out every week or fortnight.

And this is the first of these games.

It is called Boring Game and it was inspired by Ubisoft and the whole Assassins Creed: Unity fiasco with them saying women were just too hard to make.

Hope you enjoy!


This was my final assignment for Narrative Communications this semester. We were told to create a twine story using the narrative principals we had learnt throughout the semester. And this was my approach to the task.

I find often in games media currently there is an obsession on making things as dark and moody as possible. One could argue that this trend is the game industry trying to convince everyone how mature games are now. I do think this is the case, but I also think there is some work being done that is dark to make an artistic statement. Whichever case a piece of media may be it’s not exactly my style. I generally prefer to do something lighthearted and silly. One day if I practice enough I might be able to create something lighthearted and silly while still getting a message across. But in the mean time I guess I should just try to write silly stories of people severely overdosing on coffee.