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The coloring for the cover page that I uploaded yesterday was bothering me so I went back and re-did it. I Also re-proportioned Sheila’s head so she isn’t as alien like. Anyway updates of Bogan Bots will be on Fridays.


I’m really excited to share the start of a comic that I’ve been working for the last little bit. It’s called Bogan Bots and it is about the somewhat ever disgruntled sentient robot called Sheila. Currently the drawing process is one of starting physical and transitioning to digital for bits of polish. The art style is likely going to bounce around a bit until settle on something a bit more permanent but anyway hope you like it.



Here is the finished QWERPline poster that I gave to Loading Ready Run at Pax Aus yesterday. Its super nice to have this thing done and printed out. It took me two full weeks of work to draw it all.

I know I have’t posted in a while. I think I will switch to  making weekly updates rather than daily that way folk on facebook don’t see a bajillion posts ever week. And this way I get to show more stuff for the week and more interesting stuff.

Just a heads up with the above image, that’s the half sized image as the full thing was too large to upload onto wordpress (115cm files are large, who knew). So if you want the full thing just send me a message via wordpress or to my email and I’ll send it to you.